San Antonio is one of the best places to have an Outdoor-Kitchen. Not only will it help make Entertainment a lot more joyful but there area many reasons why you should consider having one installed.

Most of us have a grill but it limits us to what we can cook. An Outside Kitchen will allow us to cook a whole meal. The counter space is perfect for cutting vegetables and other foods. The small Fridge helps keep the food cool & clean until you are ready to cook them. The Sink is very helpful by washing our hands every time that we touch raw foods & disinfecting utensils to avoid contamination and much more!

Patio Sidewall Footers
✓ Outdoor-Kitchens build great re-sale Value
✓ Great for Entertainment Purposes
✓ Brings families together by spending more time Outside
✓ Cook Complete Meals instead of just burgers & hotdogs
✓ Becomes an Investment instead of a cost
✓ Helps keep indoor kitchens cleaner


Deluxe Construction takes strict measures when building Outdoor-Kitchens. We have over 15 Years of Experience in Building, Repairing and Complete Restorations of badly constructed Kitchens built by other Contractors.

Every Outdoor-Kitchen is built with these Deluxe Standards.

Heavy Duty Foundations to support the weight
Stone & Concrete Only - No Fabricated or wood Structures that will catch fire
Fire Resistant Mortar around Grill and other Heated Appliances
Welded Steel Lintels for Structural Support on all Openings - doors, appliances etc.
Wall Anchors installed to avoid Structural separation
Block overlapping design for a safer and long lasting construction
Proper Drainage in every Backyard Kitchen that we build
Island only!
Starting at
Per Face Sq Ft - Allows you to purchase your own grille and accessories
Utility Installation
Complete Installation
Electrical Outlets or
Cold Water Plumbing
Starting at
Concrete or Stone - Many other materials avaiable
Concrete Slabs
Starting at 
Includes forming and finish. Plus we can extend Patios