Decorative Colored Concrete is not expensive and offers something different than your traditional boring concrete color. Multiple areas can be poured with several different colors of concrete and a design or pattern can be created to provide a creative and higher aesthetic value.

Adding color to the concrete mix is another way to improve the overall appearance of a smooth finished decorative concrete job. You can choose from a multitude of colors that can be added to the concrete mix which in the end will dramatically enhance the appearance and add a highlight to the overall look of your home/ business and property. Call us today for Free Decorative Concrete Consultation.

Our Colored Concrete Service

Decorative Colored Concrete Poured
Color in concrete can be added in a couple of different manners. Usually color is applied after the concrete has been poured and finished. In effect, the color is painted on to concrete.

Another method is to have the ready mix concrete delivered with dye already mixed into the concrete mix. EIther method will work and will help to set your decorative concrete apart from all other regular concrete in the area
Colored Concrete Floated

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