Includes installation of a 4-5" concrete, reinforcing mesh and a standard broom finish

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace

Price Includes installation of a 5-6" concrete slab, reinforcement rebar spaced at 16" centers & a standard broom finish.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONEvery Patio & Driveway Installation includes:
 Top of the Line Concrete Forming
Rebar Dowels tied into existing Foundation & Concrete
Compacted Road Base for Proper Foundation
Expansion Joint Fillers
#3 Reinforcement Rebar 16" On Center
Heavy Duty Strength 3000 PSI Portland Concrete
Messured Control Joints


Concrete is so versatile, preferred for durability, appearance, low maintenance, and indicates quality construction from the first glance.
Homeowners usually choose concrete installation for their sidewalks, driveways patios & retaining walls because it is a fast, inexpensive and the final results require very little maintenance. Plus it's the perfect way to get an outdoor living area that can easily be transformed at a later time by covering it with a colored seal, stain or mortared flagstone for a more attractive look.
Deluxe Construction only installs Quality Concrete slabs for Patios, Walkways and Driveways. We use proper procedures and make sure that every step is taken including a good solid base, expansion joints, rebar dowels to minimize spacing between slabs and/or foundations, footers to avoid erosion, steel reinforcement, drainage pitches and good quality 3000 to 4000 psi concrete mixes
Concrete Dowels Installed
Rebar Dowels are attached to foundations so Walkways & Patio Slabs do not pull away from the house foundation
Concrete Rebar and Forms
Reinforcement Steel Rebar is used on every single Patio & Driveway that we install for maximum durability
concrete Rebar being Tied
Reinforcement Rebar is always used on Driveways and can be used on Patios that will have bearing weight like structures etc.
Patio Foundation Compacted
Once area is excavated we use road base for driveways or other heavy use, the sub-base layer is then compacted