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Deluxe Construction has been using a high quality product call Mainbrick instead of crushed granite to fill in the joints of dry laid flagstone Patios & Walkways. It is a product that is imported from Germany & comes in a variety of colors. 

Mainbrick is the perfect alternative to commonly used joint fillers such as decomposed granite or sand because once it dries it gets hard and does not easily come out of the joints when it rains etc.

Masonry Materials

Mainbrick Joint Filler

• Suitable for all outdoor paving including Pavers & Flagstone
• Non-hazardous composition
• No surface Staining
• Heat, frost & salt reistant
• Can be applied in wet or dry conditions
• Prevents weed growth
• Water and air permeable - water goes through it, meets all building codes
Mainbrick Joint Filler
Easy, safe, and clean... Mainbrick Joint Filler  is ready the moment you are

Colors Available
Mainbrick Joint Filler for Patios
Mainbrick Joint Filler Pictures
Flagstone Walkway Installed
Dry Set Flagstone Patio
Flagstone Joint Filler
Joint Filler being Installed on Patio