Deluxe Construction is a leader when it comes to the Design & Installation of the most beautiful Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Bars & Fireplaces in the San Antonio area. We can construct in almost any type of product available including Flagstone, Pavers, Bricks, Blocks and many types of Stones. 

Deluxe Construction has implemented installation systems that were designed to overcome industry standards. Every Structure that we build goes under strict measures. We only use top of the line materials and products which include Heavy Duty Foundations, Touch Wall Systems & 3000 PSI Concrete with Reinforcement Rebar.

Patio Sidewall Footers
Elegant Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best things about South Texas is that we can enjoy being outside year-round & that means spending more time cooking in our Backyard Patios. 

The simple barbecues, where at the most all you could cook were some steaks and sausages, are in competition with Outdoor Kitchen units where you can prepare an entire menu

Outdoor Kitchen Styles & Pricing
Stone Outdoor Fireplace

A Fireplace is a wonderful extension to the exterior of your home, and provides a great place to relax and entertain guests. 

An Outdoor Fireplace provides the best way to bring the warmth of a burning fire to an Backyard environment or Patio area year round.

Outdoor Fireplace Prices & Styles
Outdoor Bar & Stools

From simple outdoor kitchen extensions to serve food to complete elegant beverage bars, we can design and install any type of bar that you need.

They can be installed as an add-on to your other Masonry Features or as a stand-alone to enhance your Patio area. 

Starting at 17.99 Per Sq Ft.

Outdoor Pavestone Firepit

A Firepit is the best way to bring a relaxing warmth that you can share with your friends and family. 

Usually Firepits are installed on Seating Areas designed to be a get away spot while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Starting at 18.99 Per Sq Ft.