Buffalo Grass. This is the only native San Antonio Texas lawn grass and is the best choice for dry climates. Buffalo grass needs at least six hours of sun per day. It requires little water and fertilizer, and will survive in poor soil. Left to grow uncut, this prairie grass reaches a maximum height of 6 to 12 inches. It takes one to two years to establish it from seed, but sod is available. 

Buffalo Sod is best for Natural Landscapes. Not Suited for Lawns

Bermuda Grass. This popular grass is easy to maintain and inexpensive to install. It grows best in full sun, poorly in shade. It can be a problem because it spreads into planting beds. Common Bermuda Sod is less susceptible to diseases and insects than other Bermuda varieties. This type of Sod is Drought Tolerant.

Zoysia Grass. A slow-growing grass for full sun to partial shade, Zoysia grass is exotic looking with dark green, thick, and succulent foliage. Like Bermuda, it hold up well to foot traffic from people and pets. Zoysia grasses are as drought tolerant than buffalo and Bermuda grasses.

Medium Bladed. Not thin bladed like Bermuda

St. Augustine Grass. A wider blade than Bermuda grass, it can tolerate a good amount of Shade. St. Augustine requires more water and care than other grasses, and is susceptible to freeze and disease. The hybrid cultivar Raleigh is less disease prone than other varieties.

Best for Shaded Areas and Sprinkler Systems.