Zoysia Sod Installed

Landscape Edging is a great way to maintain a neat edge for your Landscaping, Lawns, Planter Beds or Gardens. It's weather resistant and maintenance free and it can be mowed over. It helps separate ground covers like Landscape Rocks, Mulch and Grass.

• Steel Edging
• Composite Edging

Landscaping Rocks

Stone can provide a beautiful border or edging for walkways, garden beds or tree rings. A single course of natural stone provides a casual, country feel to the landscape or it can be a great way to raise beds & enhance your Landscaping.

Perennials & Evergreens

Garden Blocks are used to construct Planters because they are extremely durable and resilient and can withstand many types of weather conditions. 

There are many Styles & Colors to choose from, Deluxe Construction will provide you with a few different types to choose from for your project.

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