Zoysia Sod Installed

We have the best Sod Installation Process in the San Antonio Area! Unlike other Landscape companies that only weed-eat and throw the Turfgrass on top, we will use chemicals to suppress existing grass & weeds, use professional machinery to till, grade & level dirt & add starter fertilizers before we lay the new Sod.

New Lawn Installation
Landscaping Rocks

Landscape Rocks make for a great ground cover because you only have to install it once. You can easily use a blower to remove debris & leaves plus it is somewhat resistant to bugs, scorpions etc.

Landscaping Mulch

Mulch not only looks good but it also has many benefits for your plants and soil. It helps reduce the loss of water through evaporation from the heat. Plus as it breaks down it will help the soil maintain it's moisture and nutrients.

Perennials & Evergreens

Landscape Ground Planting not only helps prevent weeds. It also protects the soil from erosion and water loss. Plus it is a natural insulation cover for the soil & keeps the right temperature in both hot and cold weather.

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