Shawdowbox Fence Materials & Installation

This privacy fence design is fully framed with pressure treated pine lumber. For this fence, we use concreted 4x4 posts,3 horizontal 2x4 frame rails, and 6" shadowboxed dog eared pickets.

The Shadowbox style of wood fence is popular because it looks good on both sides. This style is also known as a board on board fence. It doesn't matter which side faces in or out on this style. This wooden fence style is known as a "neighbor friendly" fence style that is aesthetically pleasing to both you and your neighbor

Shawdowbox Fence Fence Pricing:

Pressure Treated Pickets
6 - Foot Tall Fence - Cost per lineal foot - $18-20
Cedar Pickets
6 - Foot Tall Fence - Cost per lineal foot - $20-22

Rock Holes or Hard Dig - Each $10.00
Easement Panels           - Each $25.00
4' Wood Gates with Rust Resistant Hardware - Each $100.00
9' Double Gate with Rust Resistant Hardware & 6x6 Posts - Each $250.00