Basic Wooden Fence

For this fence, we use 4x4 post placed in concrete, 3 - 2x4 frame rails & 6" dog eared pickets placed side by side.

Economy Fences
Shadowbox Wooden Fence

For this fence, we use concreted 4x4 posts,3 horizontal 2x4 frame rails, and 6" dog eared pickets which are placed separated 4" apart on each side of the fence. Perfect for windy places.

Shawdowbox Fences
Board on Board Wooden Fence

Complete privacy with concreted 4x4 post, Three horizontal 2x4 frame rails and Six Inch dog eared pickets which are placed 3" apart with an overlapped picket to close any gaps.

Board on Board Fences
Fence Board on Board Pickets

This type of style can be used on any type of fence that you want. We can add a 2x4 top cap, 1x4 bottom fascia board and a 1x4 top fascia board.

Fences w/ Fascias
Fence 6x6 Post Heavy Duty

This style can be used on any type of fence that you want. Instead of your basic 4" post, we will add a heavy duty 6" post that will make any fence sturdier and more attractive.

Exposed Post Fences
Wooden Fence with Steel Posts

We can add a tough, durable and practical galvanized steel post to any type of fence. Can be placed in concreted dirt but is perfect for retaining walls or driveways which makes it very long lasting.

Steel Post Fences
Wooden Fence with Steel Posts

We can install a Custom Fence that will add beauty to your property. A Vertical fence used to be the only type of fence one could build for their home but now there are so many options.

Modern Fences
Every Fence that we install is built with Durability in mind.

A quality fence adds value to a home or business. Whether you are concerned about beauty, security, or both, we can design and install a fence that will enhance your property. We’ll work within your budget and timeframe.

Deluxe Construction has more that 20 years of experience building High Quality Wooden Fences.

 We install quality pressure treated posts in deep holes 24"+ and fill them with concrete on 7' centers (instead of 8') for a stronger fence.
 Instead of just adding 2 Rails, (the 2x4's that go from post to post) we always install 3 of them to add protection for the pickets.
 All of our gates are installed with bigger 4x6 pressure treated posts instead of 4x4's since that is where most of the stress is taken. Plus the posts are placed in wider holes with extra concrete and we add reinforcement steel mesh for added strength.
 We only use high quality premium grade lumber and do not cut costs by purchasing cheap lumber.
 We only use weather-resistant galvanized nails.

Above are the style of fences that we install. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.
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